Never Been Better

by Ada Jane

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-It’s been a while (two decades to be precise) since Minneapolis became the first official buzz city of American indie rock. Hüsker Dü, the Replacements and Soul Asylum all hailed from the frigid city. Now, the likes of the Hold Steady (who have since relocated to New York) and Ada Jane appear poised to make the city a beehive of activity once more. - review from Stuart Green of Exclaim!!

The songs are tied together by Marka’s pleasingly ragged voice and a guitar style that impeccably fills in just the right blanks in every song. Though the tempo slows throughout, Never Been Better never loses a listener’s interest, holding a consistent mood and consistently high quality throughout its 11 tracks. A- rating. -review from Playback STL by Jason Green


released June 1, 2006

Recorded & engineered by Chad Weis
Mixed by Chad Weis & Ada Jane
Additional engineering and production by Mike Whitney
Mastered by Tom Garneau @ Audioactive

Charlie Wilson- drums, clarinet, vocals
Chris Koza- keys on tracks 5 & 10
Emily Dantuma- cello ontracks 7 & 11
JoAnna James- backing vocals on track 7
John Taillon- bass
Larissa Anderson- backing vocals on track 3
Matt Marka- vocals, guitar, glock

All songs by Matt Marka and protected by Too Much Punch For Judy Music ASCAP

P.A.W. Records 008



all rights reserved


Ada Jane Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ada Jane is the latest manifestation of Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Matt Marka and drummer, Charlie Wilson. Ada Jane delivers a varied sound style, ranging from moody dirges similar to the darker moments of Wilco or Bruce Springsteen, to rollicking, rousing rock ‘n roll that has been compared to The Replacements. ... more

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Track Name: You'll Never Be Satisfied
You'll never be satisfied./ I want your name on the dotted line./ Your trick is/ you don't finish shit./
Give a glimpse/ give a hint/ I give up on it.

Used to take drugs./ Now they're presciptioned./ I'm still a drunk./ In moderation.
Ovations./ Countdowns./ I gave up on them.

On any given city on any given night./ The same old filthy places the same old filthy dives./ Is there shame in admitting you're sitting alone?/ In the same old pose as all those years ago.

You'll never be satisfied. Want your name on the dotted line.
Track Name: On Your Level
Let us begin./ I don't care when./ I'm underdogging it again./ I need a chest/ to lay my head./ I've got enough of "just friends."/ Too old. Too young. Too brittle./ Meet me in the middle.

Pull me up on your level./ I'm up for whatever.

Let's pretend./ That you're alone/ and you're a dance/ and I'm a dare./ And I'm the catch./ And you release./ I see you glance./ You see me stare./ Well close you eyes and be still./ I'm tired of kissing my pillow.
Track Name: Everybody Else Bailed
The bells chime all the time in my head./ So loud it drowns out everything else./ It's all a buzz and now there's less and less to discuss./ The empty knock at the top of my top.

See you in the recycling bin my ex-friend./ Congratulations. I envy him./ She's got connections to some him again./ It'll always be bad timing for devotion.

Everybody else bailed./ They were sick of being treated/ like the reason you failed.

I am losing sleep over someone/ that's falling deep into it right now. I am losing sleep over someone that's falling deeper and deeper down.
Track Name: This Is My Broom
A hollow box with strings./ A buzzing bent up note./ Left of left of the dial and what's left in my throat.

Ears closed what's all this noise?/ Where did this come from?/ Don't make no god damn sense./ How does this get you along?

This is my Monday at the bar./ This is my Sunday afternoon./ This is my lounge./ This is my blues./ This is my broom.

Your old man would've been so proud/ if he would've been around./ You would've won the prize./ You had the one with the bluest eyes.

If you've grown up poor and blue/ beware the man of duty in you./ No repete repeats in full but/ some things are carried through.
Track Name: The Wayside
I just wanted to let you know I miss you./ Wherever your sweet high tones are./ Some things just don't want to be rescued./ They enjoy it when the blow leaves a scar.

A hasn't been and never will be./ The bigger the heart the bigger the target./ You're a wreck. You fall down down free./ I was willing to bet on every word you'd say./ Every word you'd say.

All is fine at the wayside./ All else will fall through./ All is fine at the wayside./ All else will fall through/ on you.

I just wanted to let you know I miss you./ Wherever your sweet high tones are./ Some things just don't want to be pestered/ They just want to dream and remain in a fall.
Track Name: High To Low
Are you ever gonna open/ and close just the same?/ You're so steady in distraction./ You're a stumbling stunted head/ You are slow slow slow./ Where did all the hope go?/ When the charm hanging from your arm meant nothing could go wrong.

From high to low./ It's the very last time I'll see you go./ Too high to know/ anything but your own.

Consider us erased/ while you're showing your dependence./ You've got real expensive tastes./ You're a spoiled selfish princess./ Reinventing your fears./ Most of them came true already./ From your mother's mouth to your ears./ It came from somewhere else but you led it from....
Track Name: Never Refuse The Rescue
Breakaway turn in you devotion./ You lost it long ago without letting me know./ You were gone before we were done./ You left at breakneck speed at the sund of the go.

The wires that carry this voice seem to crawl/ to those decoys you've employed to fend off harm./ Summertime's an excuse to be restless and insane./ That's why you're going where it's summer everyday.

There's always somebody to your rescue./ Beggar's never have to refuse.

You leave a maze without an end./ Think your mistakes are perfection./ You take a stab at the truth / while you're staring at the proof. You leave a maze.
Track Name: Show Em Your Teeth
I don't mind giving but people don't know when to start cutting off./ Are you waiting for the welcome of a thousand oureached arms now?/ I'd really like to help,/ but I just just don't know what to do with myself.

You've got to show em your teeth./ Maybe then they'll believe./ Show em your teeth.

Always overusing all the I'm only human excuses./ Abusing and abusing and I think know exactly what you're chewing on. I'd really like to help,/ but I just don't know what to do with myself.
Track Name: The Queen's Treatment
Life is the lottery. I think that's clear./ All the shit that's sinking you ended up bringing me here./ Sweat is salty don't you know./ You'll never work one up. You'll always be a broke./ And you want everybody to admit mistakes,/ and you know you'd behead them if they were made.

You've got only person in the world syndrome./ You're expecting the queen's treatment/ from/ everyone.

Getting by is not so bad but really living is hard work to be had./ You lost your confidence. You lost your stride. You can't see anybody else with those bloodshot eyes./ And I tell you bub I was in love. I tell you bub I was/ in / love/ but...